Research and development company “Energy 2000” has an experience in the development, production, supply and maintenance of modern simulators and training systems for military purposes from 1999. The company specializes in the development and production of simulators for mechanized (tank) units, air defense units and artillery, flight simulators (download brochure).

The company has license for the development and production of military simulators (AB №419980). The company has implemented and is using a quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 in the development and production of military simulators.

There are six Ph.D.s in technical and military sciences among the staff of the company. Specialists of the company are continuously publishing articles in ukrainian scientific-theoretical and scientific-applied magazines on topical questions of the theory and practice of development and application of training systems in combat training of Land Forces.

Developed simulators have a high innovation degree certified by copyrights and thirty valid patents. 

The system of simulators developed by the company includes:

  • driving simulators and integrated crew simulators for tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tracked vehicles, trucks;
  • simulators for motorized infantry and tank platoons and companies;
  • simulators for military units and object air defense;
  • simulators for operators anti-tank systems;
  • simulators for artillery fire control units;
  • headquarter trainers of battalion and brigade levels;
  • simulators for crews of helicopters and aircrafts;
  • combined arms training center.

The company provides warranty, after-warranty service and supervision of supplied simulators.

The company is capable of:

  • independent development of simulators for weapon crews of land forces made in the USSR (Russia) or other countries;
  • independent development of full flight and full mission simulators for aircraft and helicopter crews and helicopters made in the USSR (Russia) or other countries;
  • production of simulators at own factory site.


Licence ISO 9001:2008 certificate